Mississippi Legislative Budget Office

Budget Process Annual Cycle


Agencies begin entering their next fiscal year budget request using LBO's Online Budget Request System (OBRS).


Five-year Strategic Plan PDFs and printed copies are due July 15.


Agency budget requests must be submitted to LBO using OBRS on or before August 1. When budget requests are approved by the LBO budget analyst, "final" (non-draft) printed copies of MBR forms must be sent to Legislative Budget Office (LBO) and Department of Finance and Administration (DFA).   


Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) meets to hear agency budget requests and State revenue estimates.


The JLBC meets to consider the Legislative Budget Recommendation (LBR) and to adopt the latest State revenue projections.


The JLBC meets to adopt the Legislative Budget Recommendation (LBR).   The Legislative Budget Book is published.

January - March/April

Legislative Session.   Appropriations bills are passed near the end of the Session.


Post-session LBO bulletin is published.