Mississippi Legislative Budget Office

FY 2020 Mississippi Legislative Budget Recommendation Report

For Fiscal Year July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

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Introductory Reports, Charts, Statements, Fund Listings
Statement III - Recommended General Fund Appropriations
Statement IV - Recommended General Fund Agencies - Total Budget All Sources
Statement V - Special Fund Agencies / Transportation Dept Requests and Recommendations
Statement VI - Total State Budget Recommended



Legislative Operations


Attorney General
Attorney General - Judgments & Settlements
Office of Capital Post-Conviction Counsel
District Attorneys & Staff
Judicial Performance Commission
Office of State Public Defender
Office of Supreme Court Services
Supreme Court - Administrative Office of Courts
Supreme Court - Court of Appeals
Supreme Court - Trial Judges


Ethics Commission
Governor's Support & Mansion
Secretary of State


Department of Audit
Department of Finance & Administration
Finance & Administration - Mississippi Home Corporation
Finance & Administration - State Property Insurance
Finance & Administration - Commission on the Status of Women
Department of Information Technology Services
ITS - Wireless Communication Commission
Personnel Board
Mississippi Department of Revenue
Revenue Dept - License Tag Commission
Board of Tax Appeals


Education - General Education Programs
Education - Chickasaw Interest
Education - Mississippi Adequate Education Program
Education - Schools for the Blind & Deaf
Education - Vocational & Technical Education
Educational Television Authority
Library Commission


IHL - Universities - General Support - Consolidated
IHL - Program Enhancements
IHL - Universities - On-Campus Consolidated
Alcorn State University
Delta State University
Jackson State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi University for Women
Mississippi Valley State University
University of Mississippi
University of Southern Mississippi
Univ of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Park
IHL - Universities - Off-Campus Consolidated
Jackson State University - Off-Campus
Mississippi State Univ - Off-Campus - Vicksburg & Meridian
Delta State University - Off-Campus - Greenville
Mississippi Univ for Women - Off-Campus - Tupelo Nursing
University of Mississippi - Off-Campus
Alcorn State University - Off-Campus - Natchez
IHL - Universities - Subsidiary Programs - Consolidated
IHL - Executive Office
IHL - Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service
Jackson State Univ - Mississippi Urban Research Center
MS State Univ - Alcohol Safety Education Program
MS State Univ - Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
MS State Univ - Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory
MS State Univ - Stennis Institute of Government
MS State Univ - Water Resources Research Institute
Univ of Mississippi - Center for Manufacturing Excellence
Univ of Mississippi - Law Research Institute
Univ of Mississippi - Mineral Resources Institute
Univ of Mississippi-Research Inst of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Univ of Mississippi - Small Business Development Center
Univ of Mississippi - State Court Education Program
Univ of Mississippi - Supercomputer
Univ of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Coast Research Lab
Univ of Southern Mississippi - Mississippi Polymer Institute
Univ of Southern Mississippi-Stennis Ctr for Higher Learning
IHL - Student Financial Aid
University of Mississippi Medical Center - Consolidated
Univ of Mississippi - School Of Dentistry
Univ of Mississippi - School of Health Related Professions
Univ of Mississippi - School of Medicine
Univ of Mississippi - Medical Center Service Area
Univ of Mississippi - School Of Nursing
Univ of Mississippi - School of Population Health
Univ of Mississippi - Teaching Hospital
Community & Junior Colleges - Board
Community & Junior Colleges - Support
Coahoma Community College
Copiah-Lincoln Community College
East Central Community College
East Mississippi Community College
Hinds Community College
Holmes Community College
Itawamba Community College
Jones County Junior College
Meridian Community College
Mississippi Delta Community College
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
Northeast Mississippi Community College
Northwest Mississippi Community College
Pearl River Community College
Southwest Mississippi Community College


State Department of Health
State Dept of Health - MS Health Information Network


Department of Mental Health - Consolidated
Mental Health - Central Office
Mental Health - Central Office - Service Budget
Mental Health - Boswell Regional Center
Mental Health - East Mississippi State Hospital
Mental Health - Ellisville State School
Mental Health - Hudspeth Regional Center
Mental Health - Mississippi State Hospital
Mental Health - North Mississippi Regional Center
Mental Health - South Mississippi Regional Center


Department of Agriculture & Commerce - Support
Board of Animal Health
Agriculture and Commerce - County Livestock Shows


ASU - Agricultural Research, Extension & Land-Grant Programs
MS State Univ - Agricultural & Forestry Experiment Station
MS State Univ - Cooperative Extension Service
MS State Univ - Forest & Wildlife Research Center
MS State Univ - College of Veterinary Medicine


Mississippi Development Authority


Department of Archives & History
Archives & History - Statewide Oral History Project
Department of Environmental Quality
Forestry Commission
Grand Gulf Military Monument Commission
Department of Marine Resources
Oil & Gas Board
Soil & Water Conservation Commission
Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority
Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks-CONS
Bureau of Wildlife and Fisheries
Wildlife Motor Vehicle Fund
Wildlife Museum of Natural Science
Wildlife Bureau of Parks and Recreation
Wildlife Special Projects


Department of Insurance
State Fire Academy


Department of Corrections - Consolidated
Corrections - Central Office
Corrections - Central Mississippi Correctional
Corrections - Community Corrections
Corrections - Medical Services
Corrections - Parchman
Corrections - Parole Board
Corrections - Private Prisons
Corrections - Regional Facilities
Corrections - Reimbursement - Local Confinement
Corrections - South Mississippi Correctional


Governor's Office - Division of Medicaid
Department of Human Services - Consolidated
Human Services - Division of Support Services
Human Services - Division of Aging & Adult Services
Human Services - Division of Child Support Enforcement
Human Services - Division of Community Services
Human Services - Div of Early Childhood Care & Development
Human Services - Division of Economic Assistance/TANF
Human Services - Social Services Block Grant Program
Human Services - Division of Youth Services
Department of Child Protection Services
Department of Rehabilitation Services - Consolidated
Rehab Services - Office of Support Services
Rehab Services - Disability Determination Services
Rehab Services - Establishment & Construction Grants
Rehab Services - Office of Special Disability Programs
Rehab Services - Spinal Cord & Head Injury Program
Rehab Services - Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Rehab Services - Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind


Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency - Disaster Relief
Military Department - Consolidated
Military - Support
Military - Air National Guard Programs
Military - Armed Forces Museum
Military - Army National Guard Programs
Military - Camp Shelby Base Operations
Military - Camp Shelby Timber Funds
Military - Educational Assistance
Department of Public Safety - Consolidated
Public Safety - Office of Highway Safety Patrol
Public Safety - Office of Forensics Laboratories
Public Safety - Office of Homeland Security
Public Safety - Office of Law Enforcement Officers' Training Academy
Public Safety - Bureau of Narcotics
Public Safety - Office of Public Safety Planning
Public Safety - Mississippi Leadership Council on Aging
Public Safety - Board on County Jail Officer Stds & Tng
Public Safety - Juvenile Facility Monitoring Unit
Public Safety - Bd on Law Enforcement Officers' Stds & Tng
Public Safety - Crime Lab - State Medical Examiner
Public Safety - Office of Support Services
Veterans' Affairs Board


Revenue Dept - Homestead Exemption Reimbursement


Arts Commission
Gaming Commission
Public Service Commission
PSC - No-Call Telephone Solicitation
PSC - Public Utilities Staff
Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission


Treasurer's Ofc - Debt Svc - Bank Svc Charge
Treasurer's Ofc - Debt Svc - Bonds & Int Payment


Finance & Admin - Bldg - Capital Projects

PART II - Special Fund Agencies

Agriculture & Commerce - Beaver Control Program
Agriculture & Commerce - Egg Marketing Board
Board of Architecture
Athletic Commission
Mississippi Auctioneers Commission
Department of Banking & Consumer Finance
Board of Barber Examiners
Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Corrections - Farming Operations
Board of Cosmetology
Board of Dental Examiners
Mississippi Department of Employment Security
Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors
Fair & Coliseum Commission - Support
Agriculture and Commerce - Dixie National Livestock Show
Finance & Administration - Tort Claims Board
Board of Registration for Foresters
Board of Funeral Services
Board of Registered Professional Geologists
Mississippi State Port Authority at Gulfport
State Dept of Health - Mississippi Burn Care Fund
State Dept of Health - Local Governments & Rural Water
Insurance Dept - Rural Fire Truck Acquisition Assistance Prg
Marine Resources - Tidelands Projects
Board of Massage Therapy
Board of Medical Licensure
Mississippi Development Authority - Innovate Mississippi
Motor Vehicle Commission
Board of Nursing
Board of Nursing Home Administrators
Board of Optometry
Pat Harrison Waterway District
Pearl River Basin Development District
Pearl River Valley Water Supply District
Board of Pharmacy
Board of Physical Therapy
Board of Licensed Professional Counselors
Board of Psychology
Board of Public Accountancy
Board of Public Contractors
PERS - Administrative Budget
PERS - Building Repair & Maintenance
PERS - Computer Project
Public Safety - Board of Emergency Telecommunications
Real Estate Commission
Real Estate Appraiser Licensing & Certification Board
Bd of Examiners for Soc Workers, Marriage/Family Therapists
Supreme Court - Board of Bar Admissions
Supreme Court - Continuing Legal Education
Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District
State Treasurer's Office
Treasury - Investing Funds
Treasury - MPACT Trust Fund - Tuition Payments
Veterans Home Purchase Board
Board of Veterinary Examiners
Yellow Creek State Inland Port Authority

PART III - Transportation Department

Mississippi Department of Transportation
Office of State Aid Road Construction

Special Fund Appropriation (Non-Recurring)

Finance & Admin - Bldg - Discretionary R & R