Mississippi Legislative Budget Office

Joint Legislative Budget Committee Members


Delbert Hosemann, Lieutenant Governor

Vice Chair

Jason White, Speaker, House of Representatives

Other Members

Dean Kirby, President Pro Tempore, Senate
W. Briggs Hopson, III, Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee
Josh Harkins, Chair, Senate Finance Committee
Nicole Boyd, Chair, Senate Universities and Colleges Committee
David Parker, Chair, Senate Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency Committee
Rod Hickman, Vice Chair, Senate Municipalities Committee

Manly Barton, Speaker Pro Tempore, House
John Read, Chair, House Appropriations A Committee
John Thomas "Trey" Lamar, III, Chair, House Ways and Means Committee
Karl Oliver, Chair, House Appropriations E Committee
Clay Deweese, Chair, House Appropriations C Committee
Bryant W. Clark, Vice Chair, House Rules Committee